The Jewish Latin Center

Founded by Rabbi Mendy & Frumie Weitman in 2009, the Jewish Latin Center (JLC) set out with a clear goal: to empower the young Jews of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The JLC hosts a wide range of innovative and engaging programs, from Shabbat and holiday dinners to social and educational events, giving thousands the opportunity to forge professional connections and lifelong relationships.

In more recent years, the JLC broadened its horizons by creating a cutting edge online platform linking young Jews throughout the world.

The recent challenges of COVID brought the JLC to expand its work, establishing a network of aid and relief efforts to assist a broader community within the greater New York metropolitan area.

To date:

  • Over 75 Jewish couples met and married through the JLC.
  • Hundreds attend our events and programs every month.
  • Thousands have come through our doors to celebrate their Jewish identity and traditions.